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How Yuna Kim (Mao Asada and Carolina Kostner) Beat Adelina Sotnikova Move by Move (part 2)

Their 3T preceding 3Lz (3Lz-3T combination jump)

*Note that I used a slower gif for Adelina because the video I have doesn’t clearly show the blade on her skates on normal speed.

Guidelines for +GOEs in Jumps (copied from ISU’s actual pdf) (+1 GOE: 2 bullets; +2 GOE: 4 bullets; +3 GOE: 6 or more bullets)

1) unexpected / creative / difficult entry

2) clear recognizable steps/free skating movements immediately preceding element

3) varied position in the air / delay in rotation

4) good height and distance

5) good extension on landing / creative exit

6) good flow from entry to exit including jump combinations / sequences

7) effortless throughout

8) element matched to the musical structure


Adelina’s 3T: 

  • It has pre-rotation. She was already rotating her body even before the toe pick hits the ice. She was facing at least 80-90 degrees off of her original trajectory. If that was the case, her REAL take-off must have been the one where she was facing the tech callers and her under-rotation was so easy to spot because she should have landed in the same angle. Again, there was no < (under-rotation) sign on her scorecard. The tech callers did not call an under-rotation problem even though there obviously was.
  • She has a full-blade take off (see image above). This is a toe jump and therefore should ONLY use the toe pick to launch oneself in to the air. I used the image above because it’s the clearest frame and both the skaters’ body were facing the same direction. The only difference is their feet which clearly shows who executed the the jump correctly and with better technique. (FYI, the answer is Yuna.)
  • She has under-rotation. Even if, say, she took-off in her original trajectory (facing the same direction where she landed her 3Lz) which she didn’t, her 3T would still be under-rotated by at least 110 degrees or more than the 1/4 or 90 degrees allowance. According to ISU rules, under-rotated jumps should receive -1 to -2 GOE if there is < sign from tech callers but there wasn’t. If there’s no < sign, there should still be -1 GOE. Here is her scorecard. Notice that penalties were not applied by majority. Only 1 judge gave -1, the rest are 4 +2s, 1 +3, a 0 and a +1.
  • According to the rules stated above re +GOEs, I have only listed 3-4 bullets (#2, #4 surely and #5 and #6 for consideration), that means she should only get +2 GOE at most for her 3-3 combination. BUT notice her multiple mistakes that should be penalized and receive -2 to -3 for wrong edge Lutz take off (with ‘e’ sign) or -1 (no ‘e’), -1 to -2 for poor take off (pre-rotation and use of full blade for 3T) and -1 to -2 for under-rotation (3T). All in all, she should have received -2 (worst) to 0 at best. 
  • Mid-air position not so good, wobbly in action. Unlike Kim, Kostner and Asada, her body is not very straight in mid-air position (IMO).
  • Good points: 1.) Her jumps have great elevation and covers good distance, 2.) She has good speed coming into her jumps tho tends to slow at times. 3) She has steps preceding her jumps.

Yuna’s 3T

  • Correct entry. The blade of the right foot is on the correct trajectory when the toe pick of the left foot hit the ice. The blade of right foot and toe pick of left foot are touching the ice at some point in time unlike Sotnikova’s 3T where the right blade is already elevating as the toe pick hits the ice. (observe .gifs and photo above)
  • No pre-rotation. Face and body are facing front on take-off. Same with the position of her feet which were stable prior to take-off. 
  • Good mid-air position. Tight arms and legs (a little bit air between legs but just really small), straight body, correct alignment of shoulders and hips. *note that the photo above shows only the start of rotations so there’s still space between the legs of both skaters.
  • Not so fully rotated on landing but ACCEPTABLE based on the 90 degrees allowance for skaters and because it is still backwards so should basically receive full credit.
  • Should receive all +3 GOEs based on above guidelines. I got #2, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 (sure) and #3 (consideration) so #2-#8 (without #3) are 6 bullets, with #3 are 7 bullets. Clearly +3 GOEs across the board BUT 6 judges gave her only +2s and only 3 judges gave +3s. I do not understand what she did wrong to only receive a +2 because she clearly met the requirements for a +3 and even exceeded it. She usually gets a +2.00 GOE or more (final average/scaled) on her 3Lz-3T but it didn’t happen in Sochi. WHY?

Conclusion: Adelina’s 3-3 combination should have received negative GOEs based on multiple faults that SHOULD HAVE been called by the Tech callers and reviewed well by the judges and Yuna should have received more GOEs. 

Again, Adelina Sotnikova is NOT technically superior than Yuna Kim. Her multiple errors indicate that she has not mastered the jumps (3Lz-3T) nor even done them right so far. Note that she has not done a correct Lutz in competition nor has a fully rotated 3-3 EVER. Even her 3Lz-3Lo attempts got edge calls and under-rotation issues. This is a clear display of technical VULNERABILITY not superiority. Furthermore, GOEs can be highly subjective and vulnerable to manipulation by the judges. The Technical Panel can also have a great effect on the final scores. A called wrong edge means an automatic -2 to -3 and a mandatory negative scaled GOE but without an ‘e’ call, it would only be -1 to -2 and negative scaled GOE is not mandatory. That means a lot. GOEs alone can change the overall standing of the skaters and in Sochi, the rules in giving GOEs were not followed, rather they were given without explanation or valid reason to support them. Like handing out candies on Halloween except to only 2 kids who were both Russians.

More to come.

Disclaimer: This is only an analysis, not a hate post against Adelina Sotnikova. Adelina is a very talented skater no doubt but we can’t ignore the corrupt or incompetent (or both) judging in Sochi. It is unfair for skaters who are not Russians. I would even say it is unfair for the Russians because their talent which is great on its own is being overshadowed by exaggerated and faulty scores for the sake of “winning”. 

Aren’t you getting tired of this? This happened over a month ago. Even worse: if you want to make a point for Yuna over Adelina: use ACTUAL ARGUMENTS THAT ARE TRUE! Not some made up stuff that makes you look like a Yuna uber and not a ‘objective analyzer’.

1.) Pre-rotation on the 3T. That’s the normal technique! Pre-rotation on a 3T is common and not at all a fault. Yuna doesn’t have any, and it makes the jump harder for her and can be used as an argument for how strong a jumper she is - but it’s not the ideal technique people try to make it out to be. At the very least it’s not a fault of Sontikova and should not be accounted for by negative GOE.

2.) She rotated on the whole blade and not just the toe pick for the 3T? The image isn’t clear enough to show the whole blade touching the ice, only that her feet is closer to the ice than Yunas - which doesn’t mean “whole blade take off”.

3.) Where on earth are you getting the idea “e call: -3 to -2 GOE; no e call -1 GOE” from? That’s completely made up and not a rule. The tech caller is supposed to even have the slightest flutz called with an e. And it’s in the hand of the judges to decide the GOE, it can even be 0 if they think the flutz wasn’t that severe and the jump has other redeeming qualities. And this is the usual way wrong edge jumps are judged.

4.) No, Yuna Kim does NOT definitly without any argument oh so obviously deserve +3 GOE. “Just” a +2 is completely justifiable, and I don’t even need to argue with your generous handing out of positive bullet points (of which at least #2 and #8 are arguable and therefor leave her with five 5 bullet points). She takes at least 5 crossover and then stalks into that combination the whole rink. Telegraphing a jump is a negative deduction of -1. +3 - 1= +2. Easy as that.

5.) “[Note that she (Stonikova) has not done a correct Lutz in competition] nor has a fully rotated 3-3 EVER” What the..?! How obvious are the lies supposed to get? Adelina had a way more difficult 3Lz-3Lo (!!) ratified as recent as this seasons GPF! And under Shin Amano, no less. She also had the 3Lz-3Lo ratified at least once in the 2011-2012 season, and the 3Lz-3T at 2012 SA. Not to forget, if you only say 3-3, that includes 3T-3T, which she had ratified multiple times.

6.) Yuna usually received at least +2 for her combination or more overall? Lol. With the factoring, the absolute best you can get is 2.1. Even if only two out of 9 judges opt for only a +2 instead of a +3, you’re at 1.94, not over 2. Even Yunas 3Lz3T in the 2013 worlds LP got ‘only’ a 1.9.

Again: there are valid arguments for saying Yuna should have beat Adelina. But yours are blatant lies for a good part and that makes your point look wrong more than it helps you. At least you gave a good amount of new food to those who declare death threads on Sotnikovas instagram anyway. Well done.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS ??????????????N????N?,?





Why is that any proof? Cora couldn’t rip out Emmas heart, but that doesnt mean that maybe Emma couldn’t have ripped it out. Someone else trying to do it by force =/= doing it yourself.

Didn’t Pan actually even say Henry had to do it himself? Why didn’t Pan rip it out? As far as I can see it, you can turn this around and just interpretate it the other way.

(PS: I’m not into any of the kindergarten this love triangle was so far, I just like to mess with the ubers a little)

What if everyone skated clean? Men’s combined scores

So here’s the overall ranking for the men!

  1. 291,03 Chan
  2. 288,1 Fernandez
  3. 283,02 Hanyu
  4. 281,09 Takahashi
  5. 274,78 Kozuka
  6. 266,7 Ten
  7. 264,33 Reynolds
  8. 258,94 Brezina
  9. 256,33 Amodio
  10. 253,98 Aaron
  11. 248,06 Mura

We have Pat and Javi in 1. and 2., being pretty close. Yuzu and Dai are a little bit behind them, but both could close this gap by completing all their elements. These 4 are a little ahead of the rest of the guys, like the 280+ points group, or something :D Taka is a little on his own, being the only one with a 270+ score. He’s not quite in the same legaue scoring-wise as the other 4, but definitly well above any other guy. Hopefully, he’ll overcome his injury and have a great olympic season - maybe, if he gets more consistent and gains some momentum and reputation, he’ll get the same scores as Pat&Co. At least, I think, people writing him off are way to overhasty.

Interested in some more number-crunching? Well, lets have a look at the TES…

  1. 156,75 Fernandez
  2. 154,43 Hanyu
  3. 153,1 Chan
  4. 149,75 Kozuka
  5. 147,7 Takahashi
  6. 146,76 Reynolds
  7. 144,76 Aaron
  8. 139,11 Brezina
  9. 138,79 Ten
  10. 133,85 Mura
  11. 132,63 Amodio

And because we can:


  1. 120,33 Fernandez
  2. 116,94 Hanyu
  3. 113,91 Kozuka
  4. 113,13 Chan
  5. 111,1 Aaron
  6. 110,87 Reynolds
  7. 108,74 Takahashi
  8. 104,01 Brezina
  9. 100,96 Mura
  10. 100,62 Ten
  11. 98,76 Amodio

Come on people, who expected Taka to be 3rd on the jumpers list?! Dai is pretty low on this list… on the other hand, if Yuzu would have landed his 4S, he would be nearly tied with Javi and Yuzuvier would reign together as the kings in quadland!


  1. 24,7 Hanyu
  2. 24,43 Chan
  3. 23,76 Takahashi
  4. 23,27 Ten
  5. 23,01 Kozuka
  6. 22,72 Fernandez
  7. 22,59 Reynolds
  8. 21,89 Amodio
  9. 21,8 Brezina
  10. 21,46 Aaron
  11. 20,39 Mura

Not suprised at Yuzu being 1. But really, Pat such a close 2.? And Dai, as much as I love him, shouldn’t be in 3. I guess… This reads like a judges popularity poll with just some minor influence of the actual spins. Maybe I should have taken a look at BV vs. GOE…


  1. 15,2 Takahashi
  2. 15,1 Chan
  3. 14,9 Ten
  4. 13,7 Fernandez
  5. 13,3 Brezina
  6. 12,83 Kozuka
  7. 12,8 Reynolds
  8. 12,79 Hanyu
  9. 12,5 Mura
  10. 12,2 Aaron
  11. 11,98 Amodio

So happy to see Dai in 1.! Even if it’s not by much, but he really is the king of steps! (Although Pat deserves to be close - I’m not a fan, but he’s a genius with his blades).

So Javi is the king of jumps, Yuzu the master of spins and Dai the ruler of the step sequences. Sounds about right! Max is ‘just’ 5th on the overall jumpers list, but that’s because of his SP. He’s the second highest scorer on jumps in the FS, which makes it likely to think he’s behind because he didn’t get the GOE in the SP. That might change though, since he’s not a ‘nobody’ (to the judges, I mean) anymore. Denis is really low on the TES list, and the reason his is lower difficulty in the FS. He has a quad, but all his difficult jumping passes are right at the beginning of his FS.

Pat is the most balanced out of the top group, looking at his scores for jumps, spins and steps. Dai loses out on the jumps, Javi on the spins and Yuzu forgot how to get level 4 on his steps this season now remember again that this kid would have the highest overall TES had he landed his 4S, with level 3 steps… that’s kinda scary for a 18 year old! So for the last 3, it’s easy to see where they could still improve…


  1. 138,37 Chan
  2. 133,39 Takahashi
  3. 131,35 Fernandez
  4. 128,59 Hanyu
  5. 127,91 Ten
  6. 125,03 Kozuka
  7. 123,72 Amodio
  8. 119,83 Brezina
  9. 118,07 Reynolds
  10. 114,21 Mura
  11. 109,22 Aaron

I have but one concern: Denis over Taka? Dafuq judges, holy cow Overall, the PCS rankings never change much, it looks pretty similar with the SP and FS. Well except for Yuzu who’s FS PCS were so much lower…

Well then, that’s the end for the look at the men! Hope you had some fun reading this, if you feel someone missing or found some mistakes, please message me :)

Next up will be the Ladies SP ^^

What if everyone went clean? Men’s FS

Look here for project explanation.

So for the ranking for the Men’s FS…

  1. 194,52 Fernandez
  2. 192,09 Chan
  3. 186,31 Takahashi
  4. 184,9 Hanyu
  5. 183,25 Kozuka
  6. 178,32 Reynolds
  7. 174,92 Ten
  8. 174,81 Aaron
  9. 171,07 Brezina
  10. 166,35 Mura
  11. 165,71 Amodio


  1. 105,1 Fernandez
  2. 100,51 Aaron
  3. 99,74 Hanyu
  4. 99,38 Chan
  5. 98,97 Kozuka
  6. 98,32 Reynolds
  7. 96,09 Takahashi
  8. 90,41 Brezina
  9. 89,43 Mura
  10. 87,76 Ten
  11. 82,65 Amodio

Two men cracking the 100!! Yuzu would have been over 100 too, had he landed his 4S, same for Pat and his 3A (not too sure about Dai regarding the quad combo).


  1. 92,7 Chan
  2. 90,22 Takahashi
  3. 89,42 Fernandez
  4. 87,16 Ten
  5. 85,16 Hanyu
  6. 84,28 Kozuka
  7. 83,08 Amodio
  8. 80,66 Brezina
  9. 80 Reynolds
  10. 76,92 Mura
  11. 74,3 Aaron

The scores overall are closer than I would have thought. Javi is still up in front with the highest score, and he had the highest FS score this season too. Patrick is still very close to him, and had he landed his 3A, he would be in the lead.

So, instead of spamming you with my personal prophecies, I’ll keep that for the last part for the Men: the overall ranking :)

What if everyone went clean? Men’s FS, part 2





Denis managed to skate very close to clean at Worlds - depsite a doubled flip, everything else was there. So I guess his PCS should be fine. Same goes for Kevin, who skated very well at 4CC. Taka and Florent on the other hand didn’t manage really clean skates, so expect their PCS to be higher if they ever did. Denis though could still gain some more points if he’d land his 3F2T.

Now talking about Denis, while his skates at worlds were great and of course he looks like more of a contender than last year at this time, I’m not that convinced he’ll challenge for be big titles. He’s behind Taka and Kevin here, and of course behind the formerly posted quad. If the others make mistakes, yup, he can crash in to win the medals. But looking at these numbers, he’s not quite there yet with some of the other guys.

On the other hand, I guess some people wouldn’t have expected some bigger numbers for Taka. Go and show those jugdes what you’re made of, go bby!!

What if everyone went clean? Men’s FS, part 1

This is part of this project =)

As to be expected, it gets a little more difficult with the free skates. Javi skated pretty close to clean at Euros, only doubling one of his later triples. So I guess his PCS are pretty close to what you can expect from him. For the other 3, they didn’t skate clean once - and each have an element they didn’t manage to complete all season.

For Patrick, his 3A gave him a lot of trouble again. Even his highest scoring 3A had a bad landing and negative GOE, so you can expect to get him a good 3 points more on that element if landed. Daisuke had his usual trouble with the quad combo, where he could get around 2-3 points more too; and Yuzu could get up to 4 additional points with a well done 4S. For all of them, they’re PCS would likely still go up. Yuzu has quite a few points less on PCS then the others, which is in obvious contrast to his high SP PCS. Might be the program itself, and how he didn’t really get into it. It makes one wonder though, how is PCS would possibly look with his new reputation and better overall skating using a program like his Romeo FS.

What if everyone went clean? Men’s SP

This post is part of a longer project explained here.

So, onto the overview for the Men’s SP! Overall…

  1. 98,94 Chan
  2. 98,12 Hanyu
  3. 94,78 Takahashi
  4. 93,58 Fernandez
  5. 91,78 Ten
  6. 91,53 Kozuka
  7. 90,62 Amodio
  8. 87,87 Brezina
  9. 86,01 Reynolds
  10. 85,08 Han
  11. 81,71 Mura
  12. 79,17 Aaron


  1. 54,69 Hanyu
  2. 53,72 Chan
  3. 51,65 Fernandez
  4. 51,61 Takahashi
  5. 51,03 Ten
  6. 50,78 Kozuka
  7. 49,98 Amodio
  8. 48,7 Brezina
  9. 47,94 Reynolds
  10. 47,3 Han
  11. 44,42 Mura
  12. 44,25 Aaron


  1. 45,67 Chan
  2. 43,43 Hanyu
  3. 43,17 Takahashi
  4. 41,93 Fernandez
  5. 40,75 Ten/Kozuka
  6. 40,64 Amodio
  7. 39,17 Brezina
  8. 38,07 Reynolds
  9. 37,78 Han
  10. 37,29 Mura
  11. 34,92 Aaron

I guess it’s no suprise to see the Pat-Dai-Yuzu-Javi quad at the top. But I didn’t expect the difference between Yuzu and Pat to be soooo tiny! Yuzuru on his way to become invincible!! I mean, Yuzurus best overall was 95+, but then again, who knows how he would have been scored at worlds with the same skate (there seems to be some upward trend in the scoring thourghout the season, but that might just be my impression).
I’m not agreeing with Yuzu having higher PCS than Dai though (which translates to: Dais PCS are too low, not Yuzu too high, kay?).

Sochi look-out: How untouchable would a clean Patrick Chan be? Maybe not at all…Yuzuru is still a baby compared to the other guys (it’s SO easy to forget he’s just 18!), so it’s natural to think he still has the most potential left. If he continues to work on is Skating Skills, presence and presentation, I don’t see why the judges would be afraid to put him in front of Chan. He is stonger in the TES already anyway. Additionally, Javier talked about adding a second quad to his SP. I’m not sure it would enable him to beat Patrick, but he’d be pretty close I bet. Poor Dai might be a little left behind, but part of that is his PCS buh judges, buh!!

The rest didn’t include to many suprises either, I guess. I’d be pretty angered though if a clean Denis would really beat a clean Taka - these numbers are indicating it, but then again, Denis’ scores are from worlds and from a 100% clean program; something you can’t say for Taka…

What if everyone went clean? Men’s SP, part 3

This post is part of a longer project, explained here.

For Han, this is his 4CC score (mainly because it was his only competition, duh). With Mura, he had trouble with two jumping passes so his score would definitly be able to go up.

So this are the 12 men, I had picked to look at… sorry, if someone is missing. Maybe I’ll add some guys later :)

What if everyone went clean? Men’s SP, part 2

This post is part of a longer project, explained here.

Florent and Denis managed clean SPs, so their PCS should be alright. I’m not too sure for Taka, albeit he was really good at SA, his highest PCS are from the GPF; where he had a fall. But we all know the problem with the stupid judges giving Taka stupid PCS Taka never really getting high PCS. For Kevin, he didn’t land his 4T in the second half of the SP all season, so there’s another point where his score would go up, if he was clean.

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